Nordic 4H camp 2021 will finally be in Sweden again! 

The last time a nordic camp took place in Sweden was 2005, long time no see! We from Hallands 4H do now wish you welcome to the west coast of Sweden during the summer 2021 to join the best summer camp in Scandinavia – Nordic camp 2021!

Det är på den här hemsidan du framöver kommer att finna all information du behöver inför, under och efter lägret.

Varmt välkommen!



17 – 24 July 2021

Are you at least 14 years old and want to go to a camp you will never forget?

Can you imagine going to Sweden to meet old and new friends?

Then attend Nordic Camp 2021 in Halland, Sweden!

Photo by: Alma Bengtsson

Karl Gustav, Halland

The camp will be organized in Karl Gustav, which is a small village with just under 100 inhabitants. Karl Gustav is located just outside Varberg which is a medium sized city in Sweden about an hour south of Gothenburg.

More information about the campsite coming soon!

Photo by: Alma Bengtsson

What’s important for you?

In Halland we have organized camps since the 1940s and if we can say it ourselves we are at the forefront when it comes to camps. But we do not know what is important to you!

Feel free to tell us via the form and tell us what we absolutely must not miss at the camp. It can be just about anything! Everything from fun activities to what must be in the cafe.

Tell us! 

Tipsa oss!

Tipsa oss!

Photo by: Alma Bengtsson

Do you wonder how the camp could be?

Every year, a Swedish 4H-count organizes a camp we call Rixläger. In 2019 the camp was organized on Gotland and participants from all over Sweden participated! During the camp, Hampus Brink filmed an aftermovie, look at it to get an insight into how our camp can be!