This is the preliminary program for the EFCF conference 2016. Parts of the program can be subject to changes. 

September 14th, Wednesday


From 3 pm Check in and information at Cardinal hotel

7 pm Opening ceremony and welcome banquet 

September 15th, Thursday


Workshops and lectures

  • A workshop with Niklas Wennberg from Stadsjord (Urban Soil) a knowledge center and source of power and inspiration to develop greater self-sufficiency of food, democracy and neighborhood fellowship in mainly Swedish urban areas, but also in Europe and beyond.
  • "Healthier with animals and music" - Friskare med djur och musik. Workshop with Susanna Wersäll from the Swedish ocd-organisation about their youth project designed for children with ocd, adhd, anxiety and/or autism.
  • A workshop with Jesaia Lowejko from Studiefrämjandet where we will explore how our actions affect the environment, and how we can change our way of thinking to create a sustainable future.
  • A workshop on integration, where we will be sharing experiences and exchanging ideas about working with people with different cultural backgrounds on our farms. 


Visit to projects in the city of Kalmar:

  • Skälby 4H City Farm works educationally with animals as a tool to improve children's self-confidence by giving them responsibility. The youngsters at the farm will do the guiding.
  • The Skälby Garden is a new garden landscaped to create health for all people regardless of disability or age.
  • Skälby playground is a big playground with a lot of tools customized for children with disabilities.


September 16th, Friday


Visit to Linnés Råshult:

  • Carl von Linné's (Carl Linnaeus) was a Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist, who founded the modern system of naming and classifying organisms. At his birthplace we will be guided by Carl Linnaeus himself in his home and gardens, learn about his work and see how acting can be a good teaching method for informal learning. 


Two options:

1) Visit to Växjö 4H Farm

  • We will have a guided tour on the farm which during weekdays is a kinder garden and evenings and weekends a city farm.
  • We will do outdoor cooking according to the concept of 4H ”Matskolor” (Cooking schools)
  • Take part in the workshop ”The circulation Party”, which is designed for the children to learn about the cycles of nature by taking part in the activity.

2) Visit to the network SIP

SIP (Samhällsförändring i praktiken) works with Social change In Practice by encouraging entrepreneurship and personal development. We will get to know some of their different activities:

  • Växjö new city farm with the pedagogic approach of Tender Loving Caring, working to create harmony between animals, people, nature and sustainability by giving extra care and consideration for those in need of it - people as well as animals. 
  • Funkibator who works with equipment for people with different disabilities
  • På ingång (at the entrance) offers meaningful leisure activities for newly arrived young people who wish to find new contacts , networks and community.
  • Globala Kronoberg is an international center for young people and organisations working with European initiatives such as the ERASMUS+ programme in which they offer mobility possibilities for young people, youth workers and organisations. Especially supporting young people with fewer opportunities. Their new project is called "Drömmarnas kontor" (Office of dreams) and aims to encourage youths between the ages of 16-25 to pursue their own projects, with a special focus on social change and social entrepreneurship. To do this, Drömmarnas kontor will work to connect youths with mentors from various fields that coincide with their personal interests and ideas.
  • Also we will have a lecture from "See the connection" ("Se sambandet"). Nathalie Nordén,  chairwoman of voov ( gives a talk, based on current research and practice, on what all staff, working with animals and at-risk youth should be aware of, concering possible  domestic violence and animal abuse.


September 17th, Saturday


Free time to explore and visit workshops at the bustling festivals running parallel to the conference in the city of Växjö:

  • Urban farming festival with workshops, lectures and music
  • The festival MAT 2016 - a national meeting-place for locally produced, small-scale, sustainable food. 

There will be seminars and workshops available during the whole day, some examples are:

  • Urban farming as a tool for democracy - a seminar and workshop with Sara Nelson where we will learn about and get inspiration for how to work with issues of inclusion and active citizenship. We will also get practical and do some pedagogical activities related to urban farming.
  • How to prevent disease spreading from animals to people, by the SVA - National Veterinary Institute
  • City farms - where food and people grow together - a seminar hosted by the EFCF and some of its members, where the public can learn more about how we work with food issues on the city farms. 

Farewell party!

September 18th, Sunday


Yoga for kids

  • we will learn some easy yoga exercises tailored for groups of children


Kvinna som håller en vit kanin



Carl von Linne

Pa ingang