The conference

EFCF - European Federation of City Farms - is a European Network of City Farms - agricultural projects where visitors of all ages and backgrounds can get in touch with animals, nature, their environment and each other. Each year, a conference is arranged, where people involved in the City Farms and similar projects can exchange experiences and inspire each other. In 2016, Sweden is the organiser of the conference which will take place in Växjö, also called Europe's greenest city . Swedish 4H along with Studiefrämjandet host the event in cooperation with the City of Växjö .

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The arranging organisations

4H of Sweden

4H is an international youth association with a large variety of activities, ranging from cultivation and animals to sports and drama. In Sweden there are several hundred 4H clubs spread all through the country. Most activities are carried out in the local clubs. Some of them also have a club farm with cultivation and animals. There are about 40 4H farms in Sweden. 

Learn more in this brochure about the 4H of Sweden or have a look at the 4H homepage (Swedish).


Studiefrämjandet is one of the largest study associations for adult education in Sweden. They work mainly in the field of non-formal life-long learning. They organise study circles, cultural events, seminars and projects in all of Sweden's municipalities. Plenty of topics Studiefrämjandet's particular specialisms are nature, animals, the environment and culture.

The overall goal is to give people the opportunity to increase their participation in society and to provide tools for selfdevelopment and life-long learning in order to maintain a high educational standard and to strengthen and protect a democratic society.

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the City of Växjö

The conference is arranged in collaboration with the City of Växjö - situated in the south east of Sweden, Småland, the landscape of Astrid Lindgren stories, surrounded by lakes and forests. 

The greenest city in Europe

Växjö kommun together with its inhabitants, businesses, organisations and university are all working towards a better environment and smaller carbon footprint. The city has been awarded several international awards for its environmental work and we have had considerable media interest. The BBC described Växjö as the greenest city in Europe which has consequently become the city's slogan.

Read article in the Guardian "What can the world learn from Växjö, Europe's self-styled greenest city"

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