Before you visit our farm
– what you need to know

What fun that you are thinking of visiting us at Årsta 4H farm. Below are some things that are good to know before your visit. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
You can of course also ask our staff at the farm when you are in place if you are wondering about something.

Visiting Årsta 4H Farm is free.

This is one of the cornerstones of 4H’s activities and community assignments.

Do not feed the animals

When you are on a 4H farm it is important that you as a visitor do not feed the animals. The farm staff gives the animals all the food they need and some animals may be sensitive to food they are not used to and can then become sick.

Do you want to be part of feeding the animals? – Book in a “Feed round”


Visit the animals in their enclosure – always ask our staff!

Do you want to visit the animals inside their enclousure? At Årsta 4H farm, unless otherwise stated during the farm’s opening hours, you can visit our rabbits.

Visiting the other animals on the farm – it is important that you ask the staff for permission. For some periods of the year we have billy and ram with the goats and sheep and visitors are therefore not allowed in the enclousure.

No visitors are allowed in the enclousure to our horses and pigs.

Always a risk!

It is important to know that it is at your own risk that you go into the animals enclousure, even if our staff allow you to. Our animals are gentle by nature but they can be scared or frightened and in these situations an accident can easily happen.

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Welcome to the farm - Good to know before your visit!

In Swedish – WATCH HERE!

The film is produced in collaboration with the National Veterinary Medicine Institute, SVA. The film is aimed at all ages and depicts in a simple way the importance of hygiene and how to show consideration and respect for the animals that live on the farm.

Feel free to watch the movie with your children, the preschool class or the school class before your visit to the farm.


More languages

The film is translated into several languages. Click on the links below for the current language.
Arabian – WATCH HERE!
Somalian – WATCH HERE!
Tigrinja – WATCH HERE!