Before you visit our farm
– what you need to know

What fun that you are thinking of visiting us at Årsta 4H farm. Below are some things that are good to know before your visit. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
You can of course also ask our staff at the farm when you are in place if you are wondering about something.

Visiting Årsta 4H Farm is free.

This is one of the cornerstones of 4H’s activities and community assignments.

Do not feed the animals

The animals on the 4H farm is sensitive to the wrong lind of food and also to over feeding. Our staff will give the animals the right amount and sort of feed that the animals need.

Worth considering is that even a small piece turns in to many small pieces if all visitors who come past the farm would feed the animals.

If you want to help our staff to feed the animals you’re welcome to book a ”Feeding round” where you can help with the daily feeding routine of the animals. (The site for booking is in Swedish)

Do not enter the animals enclosure

For safety reasons on behalf of both animals and visitors, you may only enter the animals enclosure with the approval and supervision of staff. Enclosures are otherwise closed to visitors.

Feel free to greet the animals if they come near the fence.

If you want to visit the animals together with our staff it’s possible to book a tour by sending us an e-mail to or call 070 240 27 76.

Stay calm around the animals and the farm

The farm is the animals’ home, and they need to be given the opportunity to have peace and quiet. Loud screams/yells and running can easily stress the animals, so keep a calm level of conversation and avoid hasty movements.

Wash your hands before and after you visit the animals

Washing your hands is a fantastic way to reduce the spread of infection and keep germs away. Both humans and animals can carry diseases that can be transmitted, so a simple measure such as hand washing does everyone good. Wash your hands when you go from one animal to another!

Psst! Have you seen these cool signs? 4H and SVA had a collaboration in 2016 – 2019 to increase knowledge about the spread of infection and hygiene.


Dogs are welcome - if kept on a leash

The dog is welcome to visit the 4H farm just like you. Important to know is that the dog must always be on a leash when visiting the 4H farm.

If you have a dog with you, keep an extra distance from the farm’s animals. Even though they are used to a lot of different noices and movements, the farm’s animals can get scared and stressed.

Also show extra consideration that there may be other visitors on the farm who are afraid of dogs.

Always a risk!

It is important to know that it is at your own risk that you go into the animals enclousure, even if our staff allow you to. Our animals are gentle by nature but they can be scared or frightened and in these situations an accident can easily happen.

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Welcome to the farm - Good to know before your visit!

The film is produced in collaboration with the National Veterinary Medicine Institute, SVA. The film is aimed at all ages and depicts in a simple way the importance of hygiene and how to show consideration and respect for the animals that live on the farm.

Feel free to watch the movie with your children, the preschool class or the school class before your visit to the farm.


More languages

The film is translated into several languages. Click on the links below for the current language.